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Transformer Oil Dry-Out Systems

Pro-Filtration is your source for all things related to filtering and purifying transformer oil. We offer several options for filtering and storage of transformer oil, both mobile and stationary.

Our systems include a large diameter filter vessel with swing bolt closure.  The large diameter filter element is ideal for maximum water and particulate retention (up to 2 gallons of water) and filtration down to 0.4 micron.  The swing bolt closure makes for convenient filter changes. The industrial filter vessel insures years of maintenance free service.

Storage tanks are usually required.  We offer easy to understand piping manifold and four way valve options so oil can be pulled from the transformer, processed and returned back to the transformer without having to disconnect hoses.

Trailers are built in house using high quality components to insure maximum safety and long term reliability.   Each trailer is custom engineered and built to the application. Storage tanks are baffled. Tank capacity is considered when sizing axles and structure.  Safety is our primary concern.

Dry-out filter cartridges are manufactured from specially formulated medias to remove carbon and moisture from transformer and insulating oils.  Microglass filter media is layered with high quality water absorptive medias and cellulose and are available in micron efficiencies from 1µm down to 0.4µm.  These filters are typically used on lower voltage transformers, circuit breakers, tap changers and switch gears.

Standard Equipment:

  • Positive Displacement Gear Pump
  • TEFC Motor
  • NEMA 4 Control Panel
  • Carbon Steel Filter Vessel with Swing Bolt Closure
  • Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Carbon Steel Base with Drip Lip and Fork Lift Slots
  • Welded Steel Piping
  • Inlet/Outlet Flow Indication
  • Manual Vents & Drains
  • Leak Detection Pan Switch
  • Central Gauge Panel


  • Enclosed Trailer
  • Open Deck Trailer
  • Storage Tank (any material)
  • Digital Flow Meter with Totalizer
  • Moisture Monitor
  • Particle Counter with Moisture Monitor
  • Additional Filtration
  • Automatic Air Vents
  • Dirty Filter Light(s)
  • Hose Reels
  • Power Cable
  • Power Cable Reels
  • Grounding Cable Reel
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Four Way Transfer Valve
  • Valve Manifold
  • Generator
  • Tool Box
  • Stainless Steel Construction
Type Part Number Micron Rating I.D. (in) O.D. (in) Length with Gaskets (in)
1-Hi PW-807501 1 2 8 7-3/8
PW-807555 0.5 2 8 7-3/8
PW-807555-S 0.4 2 8 7-3/8
2-Hi PW-815501 1 2 8 14-3/4
PW-815555 0.5 2 8 14-3/4
PW-81555-S 0.4 2 8 14-3/4
3-Hi PW-822501 1 2 8 221/8
PW-822555 0.5 2 8 22-1/8
PW-822555-S 0.4 2 8 22-1/8
4-Hi PW-829501 1 2 8 29-1/2
PW-829555 0.5 2 8 29-1/2
PW-829555-S 0.4 2 8 29-1/2

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