Portable Oil Purifiers (3-10 gallon/minute)


Portable Oil Purifier

The POP (Portable Oil Purifier) is a compact vacuum dehydrator and filtration system. This economical yet powerful vacuum dehydrator removes free, emulsified and dissolved water, gasses and particulate contamination from hydraulic, lube and insulating fluids.

The POP is available in two application specific models.

Transformer and insulating oils tend to require degassing and light dehydration. Therefore models built for these applications include deeper vacuum.

Built for rapid water removal, these models operate at a lower vacuum and include moisture condensing and collection capabilities.

The POP system include filtration to remove particulate contamination below 1 micron using multi-layered micro glass, ßx(c)≥1000, filter media. Micron efficiencies range from 25µm down to 1µm in order to attain any desired ISO Cleanliness Code.  Also available are layered cellulose, cellulose/microglass blends and pleated mesh filters.

The POP is ideal for small reservoirs that require a small vacuum dehydrator, small switch gears, X-Ray tubes, recycling oil totes and tight areas where maneuverability is important.

• Steel Mill Lube Oil Systems (Morgoil),
• Turbing Lube Oil Reservoirs
• EHC Hydrualic Fluid Reservoirs
• Small Oil Flushing Projects
• Paper Machine Lube Oil Reservoirs
• Medical Imaging Devices
• CT Scan and X-Ray Tube Insulating Oil
• Gear Boxes
• Turbine Oils
• Gear Oils
• Hydraulic Oils
• Transformer Oils
• Quench Oils
• Phosphate Esters
• Skydrol


Mini Degassing Oil Purifier

The POP3 Oil Purifier is available with a two stage vacuum pump to pull < 3.8 x 10-3 torr (.0038 torr).


Water Removal:  Free, Emulsified & Dissolved
Multi-Pass Results:  < 10 ppm
Gas Removal:  < 0.1% by Volume
Particulate Removal:  ISO 16/13/11 or Better
Dielectric Strength:  > 60 kV


Flow Rate:  180 GPH / 3 GPM
Heater Capacity:  8 kW
Vacuum Pump:  Oil Sealed Vane / two stage option (for deeper vacuum)
Vacuum Pump Flow Rate:  15 CFM
Operating Vacuum:  25-29” Hg.
End Vacuum:  2.0 Torr
Maximum Pressure:  75 PSI
Dimensions:  29½” L x 21” W x 53” H
Weight:  440 LBS
Connections:  3/4” NPT / Camlock / JIC

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Portable & Compact

The POP3 our low volume economic design that packs a punch. This industrially built portable low vacuum dehydrator will remove moisture, dissolved gases and particulate from small hydraulic oil reservoirs, small lube oil reservoirs, oil totes, small transformers, load tap changers and switch.

Two POP3 designs are available. One for hydraulic, turbine, gear oils with high water ingression rates and one for transformer and insulating oils. The POP3 for vacuum filling small transformers, x-ray tube dielectric oil purification and filling, switchgear laboratories, etc.

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