Oil Purification Systems

Pro-Filtration manufacturers several varieties of oil purification systems to filter and purify any oil type and volume.

In short, high vacuum oil purification systems are used for transformer and insulating oils. Low vacuum oil purification systems are used industrial lubricants, hydraulic and gear oils. Low vacuum oil purifiers can also be used to dehydrate transformer oils.

Low Vacuum Dehydrators

Low vacuum oil purifications systems operate in the 25“Hg to 28“ Hg range and are exceptional at removing large volumes of water quickly.

Applications Include:
• Steel Mill Lube Oil Systems (Morgoil),
• Turbine Lube Oil Reservoirs
• EHC Hydraulic Fluid Reservoirs
• Oil Flushing
• Compressor Seal Oil Reservoirs
• Oil Reclamation
• Bio Diesel
• Paper Machine Lube Oil Reservoirs
• Medical Imaging Devices
• CT Scan and X-Ray Tube Insulating Oil
• Gear Boxes
• Turbine Oils
• Gear Oils
• Hydraulic Oils
• Transformer Oils
• Quench Oils
• Phosphate Esters
• Skydrol



Pro-Vac Systems are intended for larger oil reservoirs and/or high water ingression, such as steel mills, power plants and paper mills. They feature ample heat, vacuum flow, filtration and a large vacuum chamber for maximum exposure. Systems are typically moved by crane, forklift or caster wheels.

• Automatic Water Drain
• Inlet Bag Filter with or without magnet insert
• Inlet Pump
• Variable Frequency Drives
• NEMA 7 (Explosion Proof) Control Panel
• NEMA 4X Purge Panel
• Laser Particle Counter
• Moisture Monitor
• Heater and Filter Mode
• Stainless Steel
• CE Mark
• Hose Reels
• Trailers
• Varnish Removal
• Customized Solutions

Two Stage Water Drain

Dual stage water storage tanks allows for vacuum dehydrator to operate and full capacity while water is draining.


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The POP series are used where mobility and small footprint is important. Typical uses are smaller oil reservoirs, load tap changers and small transformers. These systems are economical and very portable. The POP systems are scalable from 3 GPM up to 20 GPM.

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High Vacuum Dehydrators

Pro-Filtration High Vacuum Dehydrators are primarily used to degas transformer oil, remove dissolved water, dry out transformers, heat transformer oil and remove fine particulate, such as carbon fines. The result is increased dielectric strength of the insulating fluid. High vacuum dehydrators can also be used on various other types of insulating oils.

High vacuum oil purification systems are excellent for degassing and dehydrating transformer oil.  The high vacuum systems are used to pull vacuum on a transformer to dry out the paper and windings, etc.

These transformer oil purification systems are typically installed in trailers and include accessories such as dry air systems, generators, offices, test equipment, cold traps and work benches.

Applications Include:

  • Transformers
  • Switch Gears
  • Cable Oils
  • Medical Imaging Devices
  • CT Scan and X-Ray Tube Insulating Oil
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