Marine (Offshore)

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Marine (Offshore)

Offshore processing of industrial oils and lubricants is essential, and choosing the right equipment can make all the difference. In the marine environment, there are many obstacles and unforeseen challenges that confront oil processing equipment and machinery in general.

Pro-Filtration manufactures the marine oil purifier / vacuum dehydrator (MVD) that is designed specifically for transformer oil processing of offshore and marine environments. Features include low power consumption, anti-corrosion paint & components. The MVD systems are custom designed to individual power, space, and flow requirements.  Both weatherproof and explosion proof options are available.

The MVD systems are primarily used to degas, dehydrate and filter offshore platform transformers and can be adapted to other marine applications.

Pro-Filtration understands the rugged requirements for machinery to be used offshore or in a marine environment. We have the experience and training to provide training and equipment for offshore oil processing and maintenance. Our technicians have installed and trained offshore crews around the world. (Below pictures from Chevron Nigeria safety training and installation.)

Fuel Filtration

Fuel filtration skids are custom built to remove water and/or particulate from diesel fuel. System options include particulate removal filter vessels and coalescing, filter/separator, vessels to remove water. We offer many different flow rate and pumping options along with custom controls and indicators.
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